Performance -
Horsepower - 250hp (190kW)
Top Speed - 225+kmph (140+mph)
Acceleration - 0-97kmph (0-60mph) in <2.9 seconds
Noise levels ~ 80 dB (SPL)

Body -
Body Work - Carbon fiber and Kevlar honeycomb (To save costs, the car is not made with the latest carbon-fiber materials used in Formula 1)
Chassis - Carbon fiber & Aluminium with high strength elements (made by Spark-Dallara), 
carbon fibre front and rear impact structures, Diolen anti-intrusion side panels, cockpit head protection and wheel tethers. 
Total Car Weight (including driver) <900kg (1980lbs), (~250kg (550lbs) heavier than a Formula 1 car)

Battery -
Range - Varies highly with vehicle speed
Battery Pack ~ 28 kWh Lithium Ion (maximum usable) (made by Williams Advanced Engineering)
Peak Power - 200kW (270hp)
Bus voltage - 1000V (Maximum allowed)
Battery Weight - 200kg (333lbs)
Battery Pack Weight - 330kg (730lbs)
Normal Charging - generators used to re-charge the batteries are powered by glycerine, a by-product of bio-diesel production.

Other Systems -
Suspension - Pushrod-operated, unequal-length control arm Steel suspensions
Tires - bespoke 18" treaded (provide optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions) (made by Michelin)
Wheels - made by O.Z.
Electronic Systems - by Mclaren
System Integration - by Renault
Aerodynamics - by AOTECH (CFD/wind tunnel specialist)

Cost -
Cost - $375,000 (€350,000) (including research)
Warranty - No warranty, cars last for a varying number of races.

Timeline -
Release Year - 2012
Production Year - 2013
Availability Year - 2014

For Detailed Technical Information, follow this link -

Official "Basic Technological" Explanations by FIA Formula E Championship & "Scarbs"-

Advanced Unofficial Explanations by Engineering Explained -

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References -

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