With computers involved in most our daily activities, we are using the simplest of commands more and more, that is, "Copy-Paste". Dedicated single-click hardware buttons exist for basic functions like switching things like Power, Wi-Fi, etc On/Off, but not a single "Dedicated Copy-Paste Hardware Button" exists.

The conventional method of using the Copy-Paste function is through a mouse or through the keyboard-hotkey combinations. Both of these methods are not ergonomic as they involve the use of our hands and forearms in an "un-natural" way which causes Carpal tunnel syndrome in the long run.
Since the Copy-Paste function is one of the most used commands in computer-related work, it needs a special 
"Dedicated Copy-Paste Hardware Button" which would make the execution of this command much easier and simpler.

Here is a practical "Dedicated Copy-Paste Hardware Button" 
concept that can be applied:

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