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USA can be considered one of the best countries in the world in many fields, while it can also be considered to be one of the worst in some fields. There are some serious political and economic issues that the country faces, but in most places, For example, the city of Houghton in the state of Michigan and especially at a University like Michigan Tech you will find nothing peace and serenity.

You might have heard that USA is the "land of oppourtunities", and I as an International student here (@ Michigan Tech)  have seen a lot of underrated and unexplored opportunities around me.

Now for the main part, here are "some" of the many differences i have observed in my time here. Some of these things only happen at Michigan Tech for the most part, located in one of the most beautiful places in USA.

  1. People are very nice here because they are taught to be nice from their childhood. So, you can forget most notions of contempt and violence that the media propogates.
  2. People will mostly greet you or give you a positive nod or just smile when they walk past you. Also, they say "Bless You" when you sneeze.
  3. People are very helpful, even if they dont know what you are asking them about, they will put in the time and effort to help you the best they can because they actually care about others in their position of need.
  4. Some people are weird around internationals, probably because they are not used to seeing people who dont "look and act" like the people they themselves saw growing up. Remember, they arent being racist, its just that they are not yet at the comfort level of greeting an international stranger yet, just like we, as internationals arent at the same comfort level (at first).
  5. Keep on the RIGHT! That means always use the "right side" of the sidewalk and pathways while walking. Also, always use the "right sided" doors/entrances to enter/leave any establishments/rooms/buildings.
  6. Before crossing the road, always look on the Left side of the road first to look for any incoming traffic, as, vehicles are driven on the Right side of the road in USA.
  7. Its preferable to overtake another vehicle only from the left. Also, if no lane is empty on the left, you shouldn't try to overtake.
    Lastly, the driver's seat is on the left.
  8. There are functions, get-togethers, fests, parties, carnivals organised regularly (at least 2+ times every week) which offer a good time and free food. So, you can save a lot, as you get ~9 full meals free every month.
  9. Natural food like Fruits and Vegetables are expensive here. So be on the lookout for cheap deals in mega stores like Walmart, etc. Look for the person in-charge of the food section and ask him what's on sale today and he will happily tell you the deals of the day. Most of the times its something that you want/need to buy, if you feel you don't need it now, you can freeze it for later (Do this for food only Please, not for gadgets, etc).

  10. Used Cars are cheap here, Although you will have to get some mechanical work done on them, you can get used cars in working condition for as low as $500 if you care enough to know how and where to find them cheap. 
  11. Cell phone providers will confuse you immensely and convince you that you need a $30 or a more expensive plan to use every month. However, most of your calling and internet usage will be through Wi-Fi so you can get a bare-to-bones "pay as you go" cellular plan at the cost of  $0 to $10 per month. Also, the voice quality of international calling over Wi-Fi is better than International calls made through cellular networks.
  12. Some people give away or let go of their "working" appliances and other useful things for Free or at a very low price. So, always be on the lookout, if you see anything lying unattended on the street, its yours to keep! Carry it to your place, clean it, Use it! By doing so, you aren't just saving money, you are also saving the environment and resources for the future generations.
  13. On certain occasions and days like "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday", etc., electronic gadgets are quite cheap here, so before buying an expensive gadget you don't absolutely "need right now", wait for the discount days and then, BUY IT!
  14. Old/Used/Refurbished products can be bought at a great value here because they are of a much higher quality compared to the average quality the rest of the world receives. You will occasionally see options for buying old/used/refurbished products online. Dont hesitate to buy them as the probability of things not working out is low enough for you to care more about getting the products cheaper.

  15. Note - Use the following websites to find old/used stuff for cheap:

    Let me know if you guys have any more useful info that i missed out on in this article.

    Welcome to USA! I feel we all will have a great time here!

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