Name -
Commercial Name - The Immortus
Prototype Name - SOLAR X
Parent Company - EVX Ventures
Type - Bespoke 2 Seater Solar-Electric Sports Car

Performance -

Horsepower - 27hp (20kW)
Top Speed - 150+kmph (93+mph)
Acceleration - 0-97kmph (0-60mph) in <7 seconds

Specifications -
Powertrain -
Twin electric motor, (air-cooled)
Transmission - Direct drive (fixed gear), single speed constant ratio

Body -

Drag coefficient - Quite low considering the economy of the vehicle
Total Car Weight - 1493kg (1212lb)
Solar Panels - 7m2 (75 sq ft.) of lightweight solar photovoltaic paneling on its exterior.
Overall Length - ~5,029 mm (198 in)
Overall Width - ~2,007 mm (79 in)
Battery -
Solar Range - Infinite (at
an average speed of 60kmph (~37 mph)) (in areas with enough sunlight) 
Battery Range - 400km (248 miles) (at night or non-sunny days)
Solar + Battery Range - 550km (341+ miles) (at an average speed of 85kmph (~53mph)) (from a 100% charge) 
Battery Pack - 10 kWh Lithium Ion

Cost -

Fuel Economy (in areas with enough sunlight) - Infinite
Cost - ~$370,000 (including taxes)
Maintenance Cost (over 5 years) -  Least possible, as it has very little components

Timeline -

Release Year - End of 2016
Production Year - 2016 onwards
Availibility Year - Not released (Limited Edition, only 100 units will be made)

You can get more info on EVX's youtube channel here.

Technologies Used -
  1. Spot Cooling -
    The Immortus needs to use little energy, and air-conditioning is not an option. Therefore, the driver will be cooled with the strategic application of vented air. The knowhow that comes from this will be of value to other car makes looking to increase efficiency via better cooling approaches.
  2. No Side Mirrors -
    The Immortus, to be aerodynamic, will not have side mirrors. Instead, cameras in the rear of the vehicle will be used with screens inside to allow the driver to perceive the events behind. The knowhow and system developed doing this prove a potential to be superior to current systems. 
  3. Regenerative Shock Absorbers -
    Traditionally an academic pursuit these shock absorbers are so ideal for a solar car that they are being developed to take them from the theorised to the applied.
  4. Air Cooling -
    The Immortus must be light and always needs to charge and discharge. This means effective battery management and the effective use of air cooling as opposed to liquid cooling, which is heavier and also more prone to failure due to the extra parts.

Notes -
  1. This car is inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance
  2. The ability to run on the power of the sun and store the energy for later use make it a car of practically infinite endurance. As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives...
  3. The initial model will be a specialised vehicle to showcase this new technology, which will be presented as a high-end custom vehicle for high network individuals.
  4. Looking at Tesla, EVX Ventures hope to replicate its strategy by first offering the Immortus as a luxury limited edition before affording it to the mainstream.
  5. Electric vehicles still need to be plugged into a power source to charge and often that main power grid is a dirty, rather than clean and renewable energy source. With solar powered vehicles there are no external plug ins and the whole system, including power and refill costs, steps beyond that of previous electric vehicles.
  6. The Immortus is currently our technology development platform where a 'concurrent engineering' approach is utilized. This approach has proven to be very economical and rapidly yields spin-off peripheral technologies with multi-industry applications.
    This project was a Finalist for Singularity University's Australian & New Zealand Global Impact Competition 2014. 
  7.  EVX is an early stage venture focused in the R&D and commercialization of high performance solar and electric vehicle technologies. EVX's ultimate vision is to make self-powering cars the future of transportation.
  8. EVX is supported by the research and development team at Swinburne University of Technology, one of the leading electric vehicle research groups in the world. Founded in Melbourne, Australia.

References -

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