Name -

  • Commercial Name - Tesla Model V/5
  • Code Name - Yet to be decided
  • Type - 5 Seater Electric SubCompact Hatchback

Performance -

  • Horsepower - 90hp (67kW)
  • Torque - 250+Nm (
  • Top Speed - 120+kmph (75+mph) in <13 seconds
  • Acceleration - 0-97kmph (0-60mph) in <9.9 seconds
  • Braking Distance - 97-0kmph (60-0mph) in 30m

Specifications -

  • Motor - 4 pole Brushless DC motor, (air-cooled), (rear mounted), 10,000 RPM at 140kmph (87mph), weighted at 40kg (90lbs)
  • Powertrain - Direct drive (single speed, fixed gear)

Body -

  • Drag coefficient - Cd=0.22+
  • Structure - Steel reinforced with high strength, boron steel elements
  • Steel Bodyweight - 110kg (245lbs)
  • Total cargo volume ~ 300litres (10.7  cu ft)
  • Total Car Weight ~ 1250kg (2775lbs)
  • Overall Length - 4,000mm
  • Overall Width - 1,750mm
  • Overall Height - 1,500
  • Wheelbase - 2,500
  • Ground Clearance - 170mm

Battery -

  • Range - 160+km (100+miles)
  • Battery Pack ~ 25 kWh Lithium Ion, occupying ~0.15 cubic meters of space.
  • Battery Configuration ~ 2000+ lithium-ion battery cells in 5+ modules
  • Battery Weight ~ 150kg (333lbs)
  • Battery Cost ~ $4,000 ($160 per kWh)
  • Battery Guarantee - 5+years or 200,000 km (125,000 miles)
  • Normal Charging - 70% in 5 hours, 100% in 7 hours 20 minutes (with the 240-volt charger plugged into a 16 Ampere Socket)
  • Fast Charging - 80% in 1 hours, 100% in 1 hours 15 minutes (with the 240-volt charger plugged into High Current Tesla Supercharger)

Cost -

  • Fuel Economy ~ 55kmpl (130 MPGe) (25kWh/100miles)
  • Cost - $20,000 (including taxes)
  • Total Tax Credits & Rebates ~ $5,000
  • Effective Cost  (after rebates and credits) - $15,000 (Rs10,00,000)
  • Warranty - 3-year or 50,000 km (30,000 miles) limited warranty

Timeline -

  • Release Year - 2018
  • Production Year - 2019
  • Availability Year ~ 2020

Notes -
  1. The Tesla Model V/5 is 12.5% smaller than Tesla Model E/3 and 30% smaller than Tesla Model S.
  2. The car is specifically made for developing economies, thence, the ground clearance is kept relatively high and top speed is kept within appropriate legal limits.
  3. Since the market for such a car would be predominately limited to metro-cities in developing economies, the range is not kept too high for long distance routes and is preferably useful for daily commotion within a city &/pr nearby places.
  4. The low cost of the car allows it to be considered a more economic and more efficient alternative to compact diesel cars which also leads to lesser air pollution within cities.
  5. To make the car's manufacture more geared towards developing economies, advanced hardware for technologies like "Autopilot", etc are left out which make this car simpler, cheaper, lighter and easier to manufacture.
  6. The Tesla app in the user's phone is used, and the phone is docked in the dashboard as a substitute for the expensive Interactive digital display. This is done, as phones are predominantly used in developing economies and serve as a more portable and easy-to-use digital device for the less articulate masses. This reduces the final cost of the car.
  7. The battery pack forms the bottom of the vehicle between the axles, concentrating the mass between the axles.
  8. This distributes its mass equally on its axles and lowering its rotational inertia, allowing it to turn more quickly.
  9. Since the battery pack is the single most heavy component of the vehicle, the car has a very low center of gravity height, due to the location of the battery pack.
  10. This also helps in achieving a high lateral acceleration and an increased protection against rollover. 
  11. The placement of the battery pack increases the rigidity of the passenger compartment, improving the passive safety of the car.

Concept Ideation by ANKIT GOYAL


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