Always remember that most of whatever is sold has a huge profit margin included in its price tag. Most economy oriented products have at least 25% profit margin and most premium products have a 75% profit margin.
  1.  Cheap Sellers -
    (Always check "seller rating", should be at least 80%)
    • (Minimum 10% Cashback) 
    • (Coupon Code) (Minimum 9% off) (Maximum 13%=Rs300 off)
    • (Coupon Code) (Minimum 8% off) (Maximum 35%=Rs300 off)

  2. Premium Sellers -
    (Always check "product rating", should be at least 80%)
    • (also (Only offers seasonal and daily deals)  
    • (5-10% off on specific products for using specific payment methods)
    • (Coupon Code) (0-5% off on using specific payment methods)

  3. Cashback Websites -
    (Turn on tracking & disable Adblock for cashback to be tracked)
  4. Payment Wallets -
    (Pay using any of these wallets anytime possible)
  5. Overpriced &/or Understocked Sellers -
    (Dont buy from these sellers for obvious reasons)
  6. Asian websites that ship products to India -
    (Buy if you can wait for month(s) for the product)
  7. Buy old products/Post free classifieds -
    (Buying is mostly limited to local areas of the seller)
  8.  Buy Clothes/Accessories -

  9. Buy refurbished/unboxed/pre-owned gadgets -
    (Buy if you are fine with Dealer/Seller warranty)
  10. International Trade, Import/Export -
    (Useful if you are a reseller/bussinessman)
  11. Price Comparison Websites -


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