1. Turn off Location by default, and turn it on only if and when required. If you need to use it 24x7, use the "Battery saving" or "Device only" location modes instead of "High accuracy".
  2. Turn off NFC permanently if you don't use it at all or don't know what it is.
  3. Remember to always turn off Bluetooth after you are done using it.
  4. Choose the "Preferred network type" to be "2G" instead of 3G/4G.
  5. Turn on your phone's data service only when you need it, also prefer to use 4G over 3G for data services as 4G is more power efficient.
  6. Prefer to use Wi-Fi over wireless data services as the latter tends to eat up a lot of battery life.
  7. If you have a data plan, turn off Wi-Fi when your screen is off. Go to Wi-Fi settings and in the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" menu, choose "Never". 
  8. In the "Accessibility" menu, turn on "high contrast text" for a greater visual difference between colors (especially blacks and whites).
  9. Use a black background and blacked out themes/layers along with white text.
  10. Keep the brightness levels at auto-adjust (by turning on "adaptive brightness") and then scroll the brightness bar to its minimum possible value.
    Keep the brightness levels at manual (by turning off "adaptive brightness") and then scroll the brightness bar to a custom required value.
  11. Turn off auto-sync and choose "auto-sync over Wi-Fi only" option if needed.
  12. Turn off background data if are OK with/don't want apps to load information from the web when they are running in the background.
  13. Turn off "Auto-rotation" as it is activated automatically as per requirement when playing videos.
  14. Turn on "Sleep after 30s or 1min of activity" as per your requirement.
  15. Turn off "Daydream" if you don't find it useful or if your phone doesn't have an AMOLED display.
  16. Choose a customized Notification alert system, utilizing both Vibration and Ringing to make you aware of any notification at its earliest.
  17. Customize your home-screen layout, soft-touch buttons layout, and hardware-button controls as per your comfort to allow for faster interaction between the user and the phone.
  18. Replace the stock Home Launcher app with a custom aftermarket app which is faster and more battery friendly.
  19. Customize your status bar to display the information you often need to see so that you don't need to waste battery life in opening and closing apps.
  20. Install custom aftermarket alternatives to stock apps that allow higher performance and more efficient resource usage.
  21. Delete/disable "Google Now" and any other speech recognition services you may be running in the background.
  22. Disable unwanted and overrated Visual Effects which provide aesthetics at the cost of battery life. Example: In the "Developer options" menu, disable "Windows animation scale", "Transition animation scale" and "Animator duration scale".
  23. Use a firewall to disallow Internet access to non-server and ad-based apps.
  24. Disable Unwanted Startup of Applications and only allow the most essential apps &/or services to start automatically.
  25. Turn on Android's default "Battery-Saving" option if you don't have a problem with running a slower phone.
  26. Use your phone's manufacturer tuned "Extreme/Ultra/STAMINA Power Saving" modes when you need them.
  27. Use a junk-cleaning app regularly to clear your storage space(s) of unwanted files and folders.
  28. Use a smaller sized Sd-Card &/or keep a lesser number of files in the external storage, or if possible don't use an SD card as using one keeps the "Media (Indexing) service" alive and running. 
  29. Delete unwanted files & folders from the phone memory and external storage..
  30. Enable the "Doze" option if you disabled it, it allows your device to enter hibernation mode when it has been sat unused for a prolonged period of time.
  31. Get a phone with an AMOLED/SUPER AMOLED display as these screens only illuminate the pixels that need to be colored. No power is used to display the black color, as the pixels are simply shut off by default to present no (black) color.
  32. Use the application "Greenify" to put apps that arent being used into hibernation, thus preventing resource allocation to them in the background.
  33. Turn off vibration and haptic feedback in whichever apps and settings possible.
  34. If you don't use smart features like gestures on a regular basis then turn them off.
  35. Replace your stock battery with a 3rd party battery which packs more power in the same volume.
  36. Use an external battery enclosure as a protective cover for the phone.
  37. Turn on Airplane-Mode whenever you don't need to be connected to receive calls or use the Internet. Example: while sleeping, resting and in airplanes.
  38. Don't use widgets, especially the ones which need regular updates from the Internet. Opt for automatic notifications or open the app(s) manually to stay updated.
  39. Only manually update your Apps and ROM, turn off auto-updates for everything.
  40. Change your phone's carrier and choose the one which shall provide the maximum standby times for your phone in your particular area of work &/or residence.
  41. Turn off activity &/or sleep tracking and instead use a more accurate specific-purpose oriented device for this.
  42. Learn to only access your phone on a "need" basis to cancel out random checks to look for any possible updates.

Applicable only if your phone is Rooted -
  1. Install or Upgrade to the latest version(s) of Apps, Android ROM and Kernel available for your phone (Official OEM or Aftermarket Custom).
  2. Delete unwanted files & folders from the system partition after every fresh ROM installation.
  3. Don't install the Gapps package at all and run your phone free from the resource heavy Google services.
  4. Delete/disable all bloatware, unrequired apps and google apps which you don't use.
  5. Underclock (UC) & Undervolt (UV) your phone to only allow the adequate/minimum amount of power that is needed by the CPU and the GPU of the phone to function.
  6. Turn off "Autorun on Boot" for Apps which have an open-to-run one-time usage and arent to be used regularly or in the background.


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