A List Of Things To Do In Life, till it lasts.
Popularly known as The Bucket List, inspired by the movie of the same name.

- Things To Do In Life Top 100 List -
  1. Fly freely using a Jetpack.
  2. Train with the US  Marine Corps.
  3. Experience weightlessness (zero gravity) and play with liquids in it.
  4. Zorb, roll down a hill in a rubber ball.
  5. Fly a fighter jet at speed higher than the speed of sound with the aid of a fighter pilot.
  6. Visit and remember every continent.
  7. Stand on the north pole, the real top of the world.
  8. Make a new world record nobody has thought of yet.
  9. Learn an exotic language, like Spanish, etc.
  10. Make 6 pack abs.
  11. Learn to swim.
  12. Go swimming with dolphins.
  13. Go Skydiving with your real friends.
  14. Bungee jump from a bridge into the river under it.
  15. Join a flash mob dance.
  16. Jump off of a high cliff into the ocean.
  17. Perform a wheelie on a motorcycle with perfection.
  18. Learn to drift and drift on city roads.
  19. Stand up to a bully and fight him physically, if needed.
  20. Go up into the higher atmospheres in a hot-air balloon.
  21. Drive a convertible or a muscle car with the top down and music blaring.
  22. Build your own website or blog.
  23. Attend a big franchise movie’s Premiere, among film stars.
  24. Write a autobiography if you ever get famous.
  25. Quit the job you hate and start doing what you love as work.
  26. Raise a dog to be your best friend.
  27. Cross the highest speed count available on a speedometer.
  28. Sell or donate everything you don’t need.
  29. Get a completely new look and surprise the haters.
  30. Go on a blind date.
  31. Learn chords of the guitar, until you can play your favourite tune.
  32. Milk a cow drink directly from her.
  33. Throw a funeral party before you die and not die peacefully.
  34. Have Sex in a huge water body.
  35. Learn to ride a horse fast and over obstacles.
  36. Get a manicure, withstanding girls sitting all around blabbing about twilight.
  37. Get a full body relaxation massage and tell her to make it hurt.
  38. Learn to gamble and bluff, bet more than i can and then win.
  39. Eat something that’s alive, an insect will work.
  40. Smoke weed in Amsterdam all day and not give a fuck about it because its legal there.
  41. Not speak a word for a day and learn self control.
  42. Break a sheet of glass by riding a motorcycle through it.
  43. Cook and eat the most famous dishes in the world.
  44. Go to a cross-country road trip with your real friends.
  45. Set yourself on fire (under proper safety) and have others extinguish the fire when its time give up.
  46. Learn Snowboarding and Surfing and risk your bones once.
  47. Own and drive a sports car like it should be driven.
  48. Stay at the most expensive suite of a hotel to prove you have the will to afford it.
  49. Get patents filed and make a lot of money from them.
  50. Build your own house exactly the way you want it to be.
  51. Learn an exotic dance, like salsa with your soulmate.
  52. Learn Mix Martial Arts to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones when needed.
  53. Perform a somersault and land perfectly on your feet.
  54. Play in the snow.
  55. Conquer your biggest fears, like fear of heights, ghosts,  death, etc.
  56. Experience a supernatural or  metaphysical phenomenon.
  57. Get closure on all grievances from the past and live happily.
  58. See into a volcano’s core from the very above.
  59. Ride the scariest roller coaster.
  60. Gamble and fuck like hell in Las Vegas.
  61. Attend a major sports/music event of your favourite team/band.
  62. Have your portrait painted like a King/Queen and tell people its your great great grand father/mother.
  63. Iterview a stripper or a prostitute.
  64. Date an older woman if you have been single for a long time.
  65. Sleep with a famous model, actress or sportswoman.
  66. Swing on a rope like tarzan and keep doing it until you land on the other side on your feet.
  67. Build your own boomerang and learn how to throw it.
  68. Give a homeless person work, so that he can sustain himself.
  69. Give a flying kiss to a female biker if you ever see one without her boyfriend.
  70. Maintain a positive attitude towards all people and be happy.
  71. Work hard and make your name visible in its internet search results.
  72. Visit your backstabbing haters and make them realise how rich you are and they arent.
  73. Donate blood whenever you’re sure the needle’s not infected.
  74. Sign up to donate your body organs to the ones who need them.
  75. Go skinny-dipping in an ocean at midnight, preferably in South of France.
  76. Witness the launch of the space shuttle for real.
  77. Make love to your soulmate on a train.
  78. Brew  your own wine or beer and drink it till it lasts.
  79. Throw a bottled life motivating message into the ocean so that one day a less motivated person may find it.
  80. Interview your favorite moviestar.
  81. Stay up and out all night partying and go to work the next day without sleeping or going home.
  82. Attend the coolest fests, events or competitions of your interest all around the world.
  83. Bath naked under a waterfall.
  84. Build a self sustaining society for the poor and homeless orphans by educating them and stay anonymous forever.
  85. If and when you feel you’ve fallen in love with someone you’ve just seen or met, ask them out.
  86. Have an expensive and elegant formal suit hand made.
  87. Get my fortune told from multiple trustable sources and follow the one coming true.
  88. Buy and smoke a fresh hand rolled cigar in Cuba.
  89. Go for a long ride with your soulmate on the smoothest of roads in the world.
  90. Drink absinthe and wake up the next morning not remember a single thing of what you did.
  91. Go fishing and catch the fish  you find best and then cook and eat it.
  92. Test drive the car you cant afford to motivate yourself to earn the money needed to buy it.
  93. Spend time with monks in tibet and understand their viewpoint on life.
  94. Get an HIV test.
  95. Take and throw a punch at the same guy, just for the fun of it.
  96. Grow and cook food, for your loved ones.
  97. Make a woman have multiple orgasms.
  98. Meet, know and fall in love with the person you like, to be your soulmate.
  99. Die with no regrets among your loved ones.
  100. Be your favourite Superhero.
P.S.  These are our own exclusive  Top 100 Things To Do In Life.
If you feel we have left something out or you have something you want to do or try till the time you are alive, Comment in the comment section below!


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