Here are our exclusive Top 30 Hacks/Tweaks to Speed Up Windows and Increase your Laptop's Battery Life.
Researched and Compiled to make your PC fast and efficient!

  1. Uninstall programs you never use. Also never install softwares you are actually never going to use.
  2. Uninstall all bloatware. These are the unwanted preinstalled softwares from vendors.
  3. Disable Unwanted Startup Programs.
  4. Turn Off  unrequired Windows Features.
  5. Disable Unwanted Startup Services.
  6. If you are not using an SSD, Defragment your hard disk regularly. Use MyDefrag, it is the best disk defragmentator yet.
  7. Clean up your hard drives of all unnecessary data. Keep special care of the drive containing Windows.
  8. Check and repair your disks for errors regularly.
  9. Disable unwanted and overrated Visual Effects.
  10. Disable the windows Aero theme, Screen Saver and Wallpaper.
  11. Disable Aero Peek and Aero Snap features. Disable them only if you dont use them to your work flow advantage.
  12. Remove all Malware, Spyware and Adware using security softwares. Removing viruses is the most important step to speed up windows.
  13. Install faster and more reliable security softwares. Windows default security softwares are the best. Example - Windows DefenderMicrosoft Security Essentials and  Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.
  14. Turn off show recent items list feature. This stops windows from recording what you did and hence help speed up windows.
  15. Turn Off Sync In Sync Settings In Control Panel.
  16. Turn Off  Search Indexing. This will speed up windows for users who dont use Windows Search. Also users who use Windows Search extensively, should tune Search Indexing specific to their search directories. Both ways, it will speed up windows.
  17. Clean up your desktop of all the unwanted icons and folders.
  18. Tweak Folder Options, to build a balance between speed and usability.
  19. Turn Off unwanted and annoying System Sounds.
  20. Set Up and use readyboost for Extra Speed. It is one of the features even developers forget to use to speed up windows.
  21. Configure and change your Power Plan as per your requirement, you may choose "High Performance" or "Power Saver". This will highly speed up your windows or increase your laptop's battery life.
  22. Unplug all external devices like USBs, CD/DVDs, Printers etc. They consume extra power and system resources.
  23. Restart your PC regularly. This lets windows clean up all temporary data and Refresh itself.
  24. Install or Upgrade to the latest edition of Windows.
  25. Update your windows regularly. Windows updates contain security as well as performance fixes which speed up windows.
  26. Remove/Delete Unwanted Fonts. This prevents loading of unwanted fonts into every application.
  27. Disable User account control (UAC), this will highly speed up windows.
  28. Turn off paging. If you dont use programs which demand large memory and you have RAM>=4GB. This may speed up windows, in PC’s with large amounts of memory.
  29. Learn and use windows shortcuts. Interface and keyboard shortcuts highly speed up the work flow process.
  30. Optimize your system using Registry Tweaks and Tweaking Softwares.

Note - These Hacks/Tweaks are common to MOST versions of windows. You may not find all them in your version of windows.


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