Here are our exclusive Top 25 simple ways to lose weight fast, without exercising!

1.) Count your calories, and only eat the number of calories you actually need in a day, or to lose weight as QUICKLY as possible (AQAP), reduce your Energy (Carbohydrates+Fat) intake by 66% while keeping your protein intake constant at 20% of your original "daily calorie requirement".
2.) Remember, To lose one kg (~2.2 pounds) of body fat we need to loose 7777 calories, that is equivalent to eating 100+ slices of bread, So to lose weight fast; think, choose, chew and then eat!
3.) Our bodyfat levels depend 80% on diet and 20% on exercise, so if you wish to work/exercise less, you also need to eat less (& healthy) accordingly.
4.) Eating large amount of carbohydrates, which we dont require, end up getting stored as bodyfat, which in turn also prevent bodyfat release to be used for energy.
5.) Eat your food slowly, as then the stomach is filled more effectively and hence you dont feel the need to overeat.
6.) Eat meals/snacks on a regular/timely basis, as it prevents energy storage as bodyfat and speeds up our metabolism rate which is good for health.
7.) Dont eat carbohydrates-heavy breakfasts, as we can use our bodyfat for the energy we require in the morning and during our working hours.
8.) Eat low calorie dinners, as we dont require much energy during our sleeping hours and if we have a heavy dinner, the extra energy intake is just converted into bodyfat.
9.) Drink at least 10-12 glasses (3 liters) of water every day, as it helps in removing fat and transporting nutrients to all parts of the body and hence helps the body to lose weight fast.
10.) Sleep at least 8hrs everyday, ideally from 8PM to 4AM; we as humans burn most of our fat (~600cal) while sleeping.
11.) Irregular sleeping hours lead to stress which in turn leads to food craving and it becomes difficult for our body to break down and use the fat molecules in our body.
12.) Eat more "Lean Protein" as it releases the hormone PYY which suppresses hunger signals in the brain.
13.) Calcium binds with the fats we eat and creates a soup like substance that cant be absorbed, thus our body excretes this out and with it the fat we had eaten.
14.) Drink smoothies, thick shakes and soups as these semi-fluids are absorbed slowly in the stomach, thus keeping our stomach full for longer and making us feel hungry lesser number of times throughout the day.
15.) Dont skip too many meals or keep a fast for (more than 22 hours) too long regularly, as then we develop a natural craving for food and end up eating more at a single time than we actually should and can.
16.) Decrease your plate size, going from a plate size of 12' to 10' can reduce the amount of food we eat by <22%.
17.) Increase muscle mass by eating the right kind of food, muscle mass means inhibits bodyfat.
18.) Supplement with natural adaptogens & androgens.
19.) Inhibit GDF-8 ("Myostatin protein") (encoded in the gene MSTN in humans) as it inhibits muscle mass; by eating Creatine Monohydrate (1-2gm/day) or drugs that act like antibodies and capture myosatin and prevent it from attaching itself  to muscles.
20.) Allegedly, MYO-X inhibits 46% of the myosatins' working for 12-18 hours, i.e., inhibition of 23%-34.5% myosatin throughout the day.
20.) Eat food which is less calorifically dense, i.e., has lesser calories per unit satiety.
21.) Eat Green/Leafy/Cruciferous Vegetables for carbohydrates.
22.) Dont eat plain white carbohydrates like Potatoes, Rice, Wheat, Sugar, etc.
22.) Eat healthy fats (Omega-3, Omega-9 and saturated fats) as a major component of your daily calorie intake from food sources like (Fish Oil, Algae, Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Nuts, Seeds).
23.) Dont eat unhealthy fats like Omega-6, refined oils, hydrogenated oils, any oils that are overheated.
24.) Use naturally existing saturated oils for cooking, like Desi Ghee and Coconut Oil.
24.) Manage stress (cortisol hormone).
25.) Release stored toxins from your body, by using Lemons in food, drinking Green Tea, etc.

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