These principles are applicable to any & all content to be published professionally;
  • Evergreen knowledge, which can withstand the test of time and ever changing beliefs.
  • Universal in application and usage for every intelligent living being.
  • Include any and all specific conditions when and where they are applicable/required.
  • Contain useful &/or purposeful content which living beings actually "NEED" to improve their life.
  • To the point, with no immature deviations or trivialities from the topic/issue at hand.
  • Simple enough for children to learn from, without the (over)use of needless jargon. 
  • Contain only 100% true facts &/or thoeries, proven by evidence in the form of experiment (observations) &/or mathematics (calculations).


{picture#} My primary objective in life is to Actualize my potential in Research, Design & Development by establishing a practical Equilibrium between Performance & Economy for products & services. I’m driven by the moral imperative to make life more livable for all beings by innovating new technologies and combining them with streamlined pre-existing technologies. You can support me on Patreon. get updates via Facebook, or connect with me on Linkedin. {facebook#} {patreon#} {twitter#} {youtube#}
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