Download Here - Top GRE Words Hitlist, Compilation of All Wordlists

Learning Technique -
Read, Study, Test, Review => Mastered

Parts of Speech - Adjective, Noun (Common), Characteristic Noun, Verb, Proper Noun

Word Charge (+/-) -
Sometimes, it is enough to just know the word charge of the word instead of the exact meaning.

Word Lists -

Kaplan's "Top 200 GRE Words"

Arco's "Top 250 GRE Wordlist"

Barron's "333-Word High-Frequecy Wordlist"
PR300            Princeton Review's "Top 300 Hit Parade"

Tabs/Sheets -
Top 1000 GRE Difficult Words Compiled from Princeton Review, Kaplan & Arco wordlists, & the difficult words from "1200 wordlist"
300 GRE Easy Words Compiled from Princeton Review, Kaplan & Arco wordlists, & the Easy words from "1200 wordlist"
3000 Wordlist Many are common with the previous 2 lists
120 Miscellaneous Words Branches of Study, Medical Conditions, Characteristics, Instruments and Tools, Phobia's, Analogies

Notes -

  1. This wordlist was inserted into an Excel file so that you can edit the words as you please.
  2. You can use the "sort" function and reorganize the wordlist in terms of Word Charge(+/-), Parts of speech (P.Sp), Word lists or Words Mastered.
  3. To simply highlight ONLY the wordlist, ie, from A2 to F1001, Click "Data > Sort" and choose your sort preference. 
  4. While Printing, setup the Left and Right margins to 0.25" each or less.
Reference -


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