Name -  
Commercial Name - Tesla Model 3/III/E
Code Name - BlueStar
Type - 5 Seater Electric Sedan

Performance -
Horsepower - 221hp (165kW)
Torque - 300+Nm (
Top Speed - 200+kmph (125+mph)
Acceleration - 0-97kmph (0-60mph) in ~6 seconds

Specifications -
Motor - Three-phase, 4 pole AC induction motor (with copper rotor), (liquid-cooled), (rear mounted), 18,000 RPM at 250kmph (155mph), weighted at 70kg (150lbs)
Powertrain - Direct drive (single speed, fixed gear)

Body -
Structure - Lightweight aluminum reinforced with high strength, boron steel elements
Aluminium Bodyweight - 150kg (333lbs)
Total cargo volume ~ 700litres (25 cu ft)
Total Car Weight ~ 1900kg (4220lbs)

Battery -

Range - 320+km (200+miles)
Battery Pack ~ 50 kWh Lithium Ion, occupying ~0.3 cubic meters of space.
Battery Configuration ~ 4200 lithium-ion battery cells in ~11 modules
Battery Weight ~ 315kg (700lbs)
Battery Cost ~ $10,000 ($200 per kWh)
Battery Gaurantee - 8+years or 200,000 km (125,000 miles)
Fast Charge - 80% in 30 minutes (with 240-volt charger)

Cost -

Fuel Economy - 42.5kmpl+ (100+ MPGe) (33kWh/100+miles)
Cost - $35,000 (without rebates and credits)
Tax Credits+Rebates ~ $10,000
Warranty - 4-year or 80,000 km (50,000 miles) limited warranty

Timeline -
Release Year - 2016
Production Year - 2017
Availibility Year ~ 2018

Notes -

  1. The battery pack forms the bottom of the vehicle between the axles, concentrating the mass between the axles.
  2. Thereby distributing its mass equally on its axles and lowering its rotational inertia, allowing it to turn more quickly.
  3. Since the battery pack is the single most heavy component of the vehicle, the car has a very low center of gravity height, due to the location of the battery pack.
  4. This also helps in achieving a high lateral acceleration and an increased protection against rollover. 
  5. The placement of the battery pack increases the rigidity of the passenger compartment, improving the passive safety of the car.


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