Name - Yamaha MOTIV.e
Predecessor - T.27
Type - 2 Seater Electric Ultra Compact 4 Wheeler

Performance -
Horsepower - 33hp (25kW) (Peak), 20.1hp (15kW) (Continuous)
Torque - 896+Nm ( (Peak), 658+Nm ( (Continuous)
Top Speed - 105+kmph (65+mph)
Acceleration - 0-100kmph (0-62mph) in <15 seconds

Specifications -
Motor - Three-phase, 4 pole AC induction motor (made by Zytek), 15,000 Max RPM, weighing 13kg (29lbs), with Inverter weighing 7.5kg (17lbs)
Transmission - Rear wheel (single speed, fixed gear) (made by Vocis)
Gearbox - Reduction, weighing 11kg (24lbs)
Chassis - iStream Manufacturing System
Body - Steel tubing Framework with upcycled weight-saving plastic composite panels fitted around it, with a glass greenhouse on top
Active Safety - ABS anti-lock brakes and ESP traction control
Passive Safety - Air-bag for the driver, front and rear crush zones, anti-side intrusion system
Total Car Weight - 730kg (1,609lbs)
Dimensions - 2,690mm (105.9in) long, 1,470mm (57.9in) wide and 1,480mm (58.2in) tall

Battery -
Range - 161+km (100+miles)
Battery Pack - Lithium Ion, 8.8kWh (Total), 7.2kWh (Usable)
Fast Charge - 100% in 1hour (with 240-volt charger)
Normal Charging - 100% in 3hours (with 240-volt charger)

Cost -
Fuel Economy - 42.5kmpl+ (100+ MPGe) (33kWh/100+miles)
Cost - $22,500 (without rebates and credits)

Timeline -
Release Year - 2013
Production Year ~ 2015
Availibility Year ~ 2019

Notes -
  1. Electronic Vehicle Control Module (EVCM) (made by Zytek) provides the interface between the powertrain and the rest of the vehicle.
  2. EVCM integrates powertrain control, by including torque arbitration, temperature control and voltage management to allow better decision making using algorithms.
  3. Optimises the driver’s torque request based on a broad range of parameters including battery charge and temperature and the grip available at the tyres.
  4. Provides more with less, improving both the driving experience and the range while reducing the size, weight and cost of the power electronics and battery pack 
  5. Tested under the strict Euro-NCAP safety standards under Gordon Murray’s approval, with results that he claims are “first-class.”
  6. Survived a EuroNCAP 50kph side impact mobile deformable barrier test with "virtually zero cabin intrusion"
  7. World's Most Efficient Electric Car,
    Smart EV/ED uses 29% more energy/km,
    Mitsubishi iMiev uses 36% more energy/km,
    uses 86% more energy/km.
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