Resolution Height = p (in Pixels)
Bitrate Standard = Mb/min (in Megabytes/minute)
Audio Bitrate/Video Bitrate = 16/100 Ratio

x264 Encoder, H.264 Codec, Advanced Video Coding (AVC)
Bitrate = Resolution Height x 0.161KiloByte/second
480p - 4.5Mb/min
720p - 6.8Mb/min
1080p - 10.6Mb/min
2160p - 21.2Mb/min

x265 Encoder, H.265 Codec, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
Bitrate = Resolution Height x 0.0918KiloByte/second
480p - 2.6Mb/min
720p - 3.9Mb/min
1080p - 6Mb/min
2160p - 12Mb/min


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